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Author:  aghp [ Wed May 11, 2016 9:31 pm ]
Post subject:  New advanced ZLG Oscilloscopes

If think what ever products including also oscilloscopes it can roughly divide also as price ranges. Tight number limits are difficult because "cheap" scopes can also be more expensive depending many things, sample rates, freq range etc.

Most of Owon scopes are just in bottom price class. Not at all like "crap" junk. Many nice features and they have also been quite reliable.

But, it need say that in China there is also manufacturers who really try produce higher class. They are not very "popular" in western markets.

Of course we know Rigol, Siglent, Owon, Uni-T and many others competiting with each others starting from really entry level models and up to higher level. Siglent do also SDS3000 models (but it is tightly LeCroy in western markets). There is Rigol what have quite wide scale also from really bottom to middle class. Also there is GWI (also China but not mainland)

But I have still mutual opinion that all these do not even try to higher level if think real Quality, I mean professional quality. It need include hardware quality but today very extremely important is FirmWare quality. It is not very difficult to do even high quality HardWare. But doing high quality Firm Ware is not at all easy to complex equipment. (if think very deeply partially FW and HW can not separate very clearly due to modern multifunction processing units. (CPLD, FPGA and so on)


Owon have nice scopes and other instruments.
Also it need note that Owon is not "beginner" if think serial decoding and LA.

But then there in China is one (and many others also) very interesting company what have interesting equipments. Brand is ZLG.

It looks like they do not want do "oscilloscopes for everyone" and they do not rich list of different models.
It also looks that this company have high level self-criticism. They have developed oscilloscope quite long time but they have also stopped some projects because they have not reached level what they want.

Now it looks like they have first model serie what is very promising. It do not shine with high sample rate, not with high frequency. But quality and features looks more than interenting. I have also watched how they explain things why and how some critical things have done in principle.

Some day I know more about Zhiyuan Electronics Co.
And they ZDS2000 series oscilloscopes.
1GSa/s all 4 channels
up to 250M memory
100 and 200MHz models
Impressive range of serial decoding
4Mpoint FFT !
9" display
Of course full 256 level intensity gradation + also color temp gradation.
Very advanced trigger functions.

What I know today, they are not cheap!

And high quality chinese product do not need be bottom price.
Market segment is not at all "entry level".

They do not even want competite in nearly saturated low end scope markets.

Author:  aghp [ Sun May 15, 2016 5:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New advanced ZLG Oscilloscopes

Reserved for fu

Author:  aghp [ Sun May 15, 2016 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New advanced ZLG Oscilloscopes

Today models are:

All models have max 1GSa/s simultaneously for all channels.
(it means if you use 1-4 channels just one or all together, every channel have 1GSa/s. Also with long capture memory it can keep 1GSa/s down to low horizontal speeds. Depending available memory (model and user setting)

Memory sharing. If there is 250M then 2 channel have both 125M.
In 4 channel model there is two 2 channel systems.

ZDS2024 models have most wide range of serial decoding (22).
CAN, LIN, I2C, SPI, UART, USB, PS/2, DALI, Wiegand, 1-Wire, DS18B20, HDQ, SD_SPI, SD_SD, IrDA, Manchester , DiffManche, Miller, DHT11, SHT11 , NEC, RC5, RC6, FlexRay.
ZDS2024 and 2022 Plus have also CAN FD.

But even lowest model, ZDS2022S have still (18) rich set of serial decoding:
I2C, SPI, UART, USB, PS/2, DALI, Wiegand, 1-Wire, DS18B20, HDQ, SD_SPI, SD_SD, IrDA, Manchester , DiffManche, Miller, DHT11, SHT11 , NEC, RC5, RC6

All models timebase range is 1ns/div to 50s/div 1-2-5 steps

All models vertical range is 2mV/div to 10V/div 1-2-5 steps + Fine
Inputs 1Mohm 1%, 16pF typical. CAT I 300Vrms, CAT II 100Vrms

11 trigger types and very innovative mask trig.
Innovative wave search for segments.
All models have Trig Out, Ext Trig, USB dev, USB host, LAN, RS232
All models have 9" 800x480 TFT.
2 Channel models weight 3.7kg and 4 channel 3.9kg (scope itself)

dimensions: 427mm x 204mm x 120mm

Power: 85 - 265Vac 47 - 63Hz 30Wmax (2ch) 100Wmax (4ch)

3 years warranty

Of course these units have passed C E certification process.

What I have looked chinese User manual it really is much much more than cheap entry level scope. This is really made for advanced hobbyists and professional users as long as 200MHz BW is enough.

This is not targeted to entry level cheap price markets at all. This can also understand. Low end oscilloscopes markets are "saturated", there is no business at all. Prices are dumped so low that with these no one can win anything. Just barely workers get salary and income is not even enough for keep acceptable level product support and after sales customer care.

There is lot of players in bottom level hobby class T&M markets. Who can think doing Rigol DS1000Z scope with its price is good business. No one can get anything and it can see also in services quality.
But, with these, there is lot happy users. Professionals and advanced level hobbyists in "prosumers" class need something different.

Is ZLG answer for this - this we can see in future.
What I like is that it looks like they do not go price in front. It strongly looks like they go quality in front, and this is not very common when look chinese products in today markets. But, this is changing. And perhaps one sign about this change is that there is growing these kind of new players what is example ZLG. (Yes we know they have done good Logic Analyzers - I mean good and not like these cheapest crap <noname> junk for catch money from hobby kids)
Also ZLG is not small company. They work in wide range of electronics.

Also they do not competite example with Owon or Siglent exept if we think that BMW competite with Opel.

Author:  aghp [ Sun May 15, 2016 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New advanced ZLG Oscilloscopes

Here product sheet images. (This version is bit OBSOLETE)
After short time I will upload it after I do some checks.
In new brochure it looks like 100MHz models are dropped out. But then added S models. So It looks like available current models are
ZDS2022S, ZDS2022, ZDS2022 Plus
ZDS2024S, ZDS2024, ZDS2024 Plus
Basically other informations are valid.
S models have 180kwfm/s and 56M memory.
Basic models have 330kwfm and 112M memory
Plus models have 330kwfm/s and 250M memory

Also, it need note that all Decoding functions are standard. (no options with extra cost!)

Power Analyze is not currently included.

Forum have limit. Forum reduce image size so that any side is not more than 1024. If original image have one side over 1024 forum resize it to meet limits.





There is very advanced powerful triggering functions for find signal anomalies. These kind of advanced features are not common in this kind of oscilloscopes.

This 4M points FFT lengt is really revolutionary. Also when look some LZG published video it looks like quite fast. I do not know any
oscilloscope in this class what is even near this perfomance.

Other high perfomance feature is fast measurement functions.
There is more brute force hardware for processing measurements





Author:  aghp [ Sun May 15, 2016 5:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New advanced ZLG Oscilloscopes

Here is downloadable ZLG Tecnical Note about principle of digital trigger system in ZDS2000 oscilloscopes. (because some times difficult to download from ZLG china web)


~1M pdf

Sorry this is chinese language but if you know basics aout DSO triggering it may help reading. Also google translator can use (copy-paste)

It is nice to see that ZLG have done also they own investigation - development for get this system in ZDS2000. Also there is explanation what are differencies between old analog side pathway trigger system and real digital side trigger system. Not so long time this was available only in very expensive High-End oscilloscopes. Today it is also used in some new cheaper digital oscilloscopes but there may be still big differencies how they have implemented.

They use 1:32 "oversampling" for trigger position interpolator. My opinion is that it is well enough for 1GSa/s 100 and 200MHz oscilloscope. 1ns sample period divided to 31.25ps intervals.

All this need do also fast. Scope have 330000 waveform/s speed. Every single trace need fine adjust horizontally to interpolated trig position and so on...

Accurate trigger is very essential also for many serial protocol triggering and decoding. As we know from data sheet there is really much more than just simple and easy UART, IIC, SPI...

Then, there is availaable also Programming Manual V1.03:
It is handbook for SCPI command for automatised systems.
Also manual is chinese but commands are of course international.


~5M pdf

ZLG Short youtube promo


Author:  aghp [ Sun May 15, 2016 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New advanced ZLG Oscilloscopes

Here is some kind of User Manual. I think this is partially obsolete and it is chinese. But, still it may be useful to look around regardless of the fact that it is the chinese - exept if you can read chinese.

I hope I can get english version what is also current updated and full User Manual as also enclish language current Programming Manual.

Lets hope some day some company in China do also more deep User Reference Manual.

Here you can download Chinese User Manual (undefined publication version)
~13M pdf


Author:  aghp [ Sun May 15, 2016 6:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New advanced ZLG Oscilloscopes

About prices

These are prices in China. It need note that price structure, price formation, in China is bit different case than in Europe. (and USA is also in its own territory).

ZDS2022s,......¥ . 9999.00
ZDS2022,........¥ 11999.00
ZDS2022Plus,. ¥ 13999.00
ZDS2024s,......¥ 15999.00
ZDS2024,........¥ 17999.00
ZDS2024Plus., ¥ 19999.00

If take example most cheap model ZDS2022S and if price in China and with this price to Europe but with normal european all costs. It means least 1880 euro consumer price in shop (do not calculate using just only RMB - EUR exchange rate. There is lot of other things). Strong NOTE: This do not mean that this or something like this is price in Europe. It was just some imagine for fact that these ZLG scopes are not any kind of chinese cheap production for push these to western hobby markets where it looks like that cheap price and rich salesman feature list is enough for sell what ever crap ****. Not just total junk but look example full of features really cheap Rigol 1000Z. Is it toy or real T&M equipment. My opinion is more like toy but many times enough for just entry level. (And I really have used it, quite lot)

But, is it expensive at all if look quality and features and performance. Look example protocol Decoding, memory, processing power, FFT, intelligent trigger and search functions and so on. Also, this company try do overall bit higher quality and it do not mean how long features list is. I know that chinese want jump to next level after China Rev 2.0. Future is not in "copy and do cheap and sell lot of" next step is develop better and do quality where price is not most important parameter but quality. I'm waiting day when I see first category A or "High-End" or even "State of Art" level fully chinese T&M equipment, developed, designed and manufactured in China. (or later they can move fully controlled manufacturing to some cheap country) Who is first....?

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