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 Post subject: Re: SDS7102 "reviews" = do not believe all you see
PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:17 pm 
Site Admin

Joined: Wed May 16, 2012 7:54 am
Posts: 187
After I try correct some wrong informations about Owon etc
EEVblog have deleted my account there and also made hidden editing and deleted some test results. Nice - but is is good becouse now they show they position in markets and some relationships.

I do not understand all things but it strongly seems that EEVblog forum is somehow biased for Rigol.

First, example Owon rewiev start by comparing Rigol DS1052E and Owon SDS7102.
Writer use not at all comparable images. Second, he do tests without any reputable test instruments. Signal generator used was Hantek 3x25. Owon can easy use to test this nearly toy. But not wice versa. For meke Rigol look better he jump over truth by using avaraging for Rigol Image. If nobody correct this it continues as "truth".

Nearly all is without data. But strong opinions about things what he do not like. And not all but some highlighting his negative "findingins" and nearly forget what good things are.
Perhaps becouse rewiev writer have total lack of knowledge and lack of instruments do any real lab tests. Also these video. It is trivial simple to make negative feelings or positive feelings video "show". Owon FW - UI is in truth litllebit unergonomic. Also with this HW there can be lot of more features what help in use but also, specially ergonomy is difficult thing becouse if you adapt one kind of logick in meny and buttons then all different feels terrible. It is just same feeling perhaps what I feel if I use comparable age Tektronix and Hewlett-Packard oscilloscope.
I feel... "how hell" this Tektronix can do this terrible menu system.. I feel useability is near zero. But After one week intensive use situation is near opposite.

On the road there have happend many things and rewiev writer have corrected afterwards some things but only if his back is on the wall. If he meet data what he can not jump over. As long as there is not peoples who make corrections you get nearly garbage.

Last and final episode was small but it imagine well what is going on.
I correct his one claim.
Yes he tell he was wrong as usual.
After then totally stupid Ad Hominem. I have frequently corrected claims, before more thn today becouse it's not my work to keep one person in truth.

But then there come final. In this same case there was other thing what I also correct.
(USB speed for transfer TFT .BMP images to PC)
After then he perhaps have called forum administrator and find nice way to ban me out from forum. Also data what I show was deleted. Unbelieveble.

Re: REVIEW - Rigol DS2072 - First Impressions of the DS2000 series from Rigol

« Reply #420 on: January 10, 2013, 06:01:41 PM »Quote from: kape on January 10, 2013, 05:43:49 PM
How slow is the image save speed of the DS2000-series compared to other scopes (Owon, Hantek..)? I was surprised how slow these are compared to other (like Tektronix). If I recall correctly, on those more expensive models it won't take many seconds...

Well, I don't have another DSO to compare against anymore, but two things to keep in mind:

We're talking about a bitmap image - not the voltage levels of the waveform (which is way faster) - so the speed is linked to the size and depth of the display, which is 800x480x24 bits on the DS2000 series. That's 9.2Mb or 1.1MB. I don't think Tektronix has produced a DSO with a screen resolution higher than 640x480, have they (probably even smaller than that)?

The Owon is 800x600x8; which is 3.8Mb or 480kB. Apparently, aghp (a seller of Owon DSOs) claims that the fugly display on the Owon is IN FACT 24 bit color (but strangely without any anti-aliasing of any screen elements like the Rigol has). I neither know for sure - or care - but I'll say this, if it IS 24-bit color, it's the worst use I've ever seen of 24-bit.

Secondly, the Rigol has a special SCPI command which transmits that screen bitmap to the PC in about 2.3 seconds over USB. Try to do that with the Owon or Hantek.
« Last Edit: Yesterday at 07:07:28 AM by marmad »

I try and tell result... this was enough. Then they find.. oh, I have some times write to forum many technical things AND also about Rigol. Becouse no any other reason can find they find how to get good reason for ban me from forum.

EEVblog is perhaps littlebit biased due to some connection for grow up Rigol sales. It start from other person made DS1052E "rewiev".
In this time also I sell Rigol's and there was my user name rf-loop mainly. Later I find that it IS perhaps better that peoples can know it is "seller" talking. In other place is some explanation why I stop with Rigol. It was done in its time and reasons what was valid in its time.
This is not real problem. Also all can say I'm biased. I am.
Also I have told that today example Rigol DS2000 series in its class is good.
What I do not like is some other policy what is going on with Rigols.
Perhaps someone can imagine it by looking what have happend in markets and specially Rigol pricing pollicy. It is very hard to say but in this time it looks like some kind of price cartell... also I remember what happends time ago between eBay - Rigol.
In this time Rigol force ebay close lot of sellers accounts for stop price competition.
Who and how can force eBay? But this is totally other story.


But IF I SHOW accidentally or designed lies in numbers and test data I'm very thankful about correction. Some times I have asked someone take my test and repeat it and tell if he have find some mistake. This is normal. If you find mistake please correct it.


In this message there have clipped out my answer where was test result.
No any comment to test result and test result clipped out and later also Blog Admin have deleted it but Ad Hominem attack and even more... some nearly sick claims - suspects that some totally other person who ask questions is me or my relatives. It feels really strange.

And what then, Forum admin delete simple test result about Owon. Also I was take this question to other thread (Owon thread) becouse this is partially OT in Rigol thread.

Perhaps Owon test numbers after some claim is this kind of thing what need remove.
Surprice is specially becouse Owon and this Rigol are not direct competitors.

Test result was:
Owon SDS7102V version 2.8.2 connected via USB to PC.
Transfer speed: 48 TFT bitmap images transferred to PC in 60 second.
1.25s per image.

This information was too much? It was deleted and my user account permanently banned.

Messages moderated by admin for hide truth but other part can continue his explanations and moderator can handle messages afterwards so that case looks littlebit different... This kind of policy is good roadmap to dark forest.

It can select what to say and what not say but talking changed truth...
and manipulating results can not forgive. It need remember that many peoples can not see this becouse they do not have gears for test themselves.. You give example pictures from "same test" about Rigol(1052) and Owon.. but true situation is totally different. No one correct it... it start live its own life. Then someone find this lie.
Author come bad feelings and I'm persona non grata.

After I made one question to author: Please can you measure owon BW (this time I did not have Owon). Answer. I can not. I have only Hnatek 3x25 signal generator... oh my god and he make Owon tests. There is exactly situation that wagon pulls horse.

After I get Owon to my hand.. I was just surprised.
There was bugs, bad designs etc but even with this I find it was lot of better than this "mind image" what this rewiev seems show. Yes rewiev have edited many times and most bad things are corrected but stilol I'm wondering what was this agenda and rewiev from people who have lack of enough experience and gears for make real lab tests.

I have proofed with data how this Rigol DS1000E was handling Sin(x)/x and what more he use averaging. Well... he can take nearly scramble and this Rigol show "nice sinewave" and then Owon show this scramble. Yes Owon can use for test and characterize this Hantek 3x25 but not vice versa.

Owon is good in its class, it have pros and cons. Finally it strongly depends your needs if it is good or not. And exactly same for Rigol.

If one afraid I have made mistakes in my data and tests images... you are welcome to tests and we can together repeat tests.

-aghp / aghp55

 Post subject: Re: SDS7102 "reviews" = do not believe all you see
PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:33 pm 
Site Admin

Joined: Wed May 16, 2012 7:54 am
Posts: 187
Very fun:

After some debate my answer is returned in EEVblog.


So answer was:
Via USB to PC Owon screen capture BMP tranfer time is 1.25 second.
To USB memory stick it is more slow. But I understand queston was from Owon to PC.

EDit: Disclaimer:
There is small posibilty that some proxy have showed to me old version about side (I have sometimes this common problem, specially in my one internet connection) what I was only looked in busy situation.

But so or so... I'm satisfied also this tiny USB test information is there.


 Post subject: Re: SDS7102 "reviews" = do not believe all you see
PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:43 am 
Site Admin

Joined: Wed May 16, 2012 7:54 am
Posts: 187
And here we go... now I can not correct it there.


I can not understand why people answer if he do not know.
But specially in this case he is person who is author for "famous" Owon review in EEVblog.

Perhaps these bisquits slowly show how reliable is Owon revew he have writed and then corrected after someone, including also me, have forced to truth. And then if he is forced to truth he take some other argument...

Changed truth: Owon have 10M memory and not 10+10M memory.
I can not understand why try lie behind every corner. And then suddenly after someone tell truth "oh I have bad memory"

But now... do you think always someone have corrected all lies or what come out from "bad memory".

Truth: Owon have 10+10M memory. Both channels have 10Msample memory. In one channel use these are not combined to one 20M memory.

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