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Recommendation SDS vs XDS

Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:15 pm

Owon continue still SDS7000 series manufacturing and support.
As we know SDS7000 (and 8000 ) models are very portable also due to battery and very slim design.
Also Owon SDS series signal sampling quality and front end noise is good quality. Also display is one of best what I have seen in this class of oscilloscopes. Perhaps best. Far over Rigol, far over Siglent. (I mean this 8" 800x600 very good view angle and good contrast TFT.

But, SDS series start be bit old technology. It isa also pure DSO what works like. capture - display, - capture - diisplay....
up to 30wfm/s (some later HW/FW version perhaps 100wfm/s)

XDS series is different, it is fast. Capturing as many wfm as possible - display them - capture as many wfm as possible - display them..
up to over 65000 wfm/s.

There is now XDS3000 series launched. It have also battery option and it is also quite slim (but not as very slim what SDS series)

Due to lot of many improvements I can recommend XDS3000 series instead of SDS7000. Price is bit more but you get really lot of more. They are totally different class of oscilloscopes. It is not at all improved SDS. With XDS3000 you can forget all what you know about SDS series. Every single thing is better. Also as we know SDS series trigger is good in its class but it is analog. (as we know this have been normal in DSO's exept some expensive higher models) Today full digital side trigger system is possible also in this class of oscilloscopes due to ADC/FPGA/Memory/uC evolution in last years.)

You can also select 8bit or 12 bit model.
You can buy touch panel option
You can buy battery option
You can buy WiFi option (really nice for avoid ground loops)
You can buy Serial bus decoding
You can buy 1 or 2 channel function/arb generator
You can buy 3 1/2 digit DMM option (meter is very basic model but integrated with scope)
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