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 Post subject: Re: Owon SDS7102V info (V=VGA option)
PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2012 5:09 pm 
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Joined: Wed May 16, 2012 7:54 am
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Note: This original Owon oscilloscope is also rebranded to Aktakom without any advantages in equipment itself. It is same. Different companies/resellers may have different pre- and after sales customer care quality, availability and level.

Owon SDS7102 VGA is member of Owon SmartDS serie.


It is 100MHz digital oscilloscope (DSO) with:

10M full speed capture memory for both channels.

1Gs/s maximum sampling rate if one channel is in use. For 2 channel maximum is 500Ms/s for both channels. And with full speed sampling buffer (memory) it can use 1GSa/s down to 500us/div speed. And 500MSa/s with two channel down to 1ms/div.
In this price class there is no competitors if talk about stand alone oscilloscope,

8" 800x600 High quality industrial grade color TFT with LED backlight.

VGA output for external monitor (SVGA 800x600)
this is full speed and updated real time parallel with scope TFT

Battery (optional). Available SDS battery, LiCoO2 7.4V/8000mAh
battery give typically 4 hour continuous time for use. Scope is always made ready for battery use.

Slim. Only 70mm.

Very silent fan (12V fan running max <8.5V and not assembled to outer case.)

Very nice and perfect finished product. It really do not feel and look cheap.

In nice retail gift box is included also:
2pcs 100MHz Oscilloscope probe, selectable for 1:1 and 10:1
(as common 1:1 setting have limited frequency response)
USB cable,
power cord,
software CD,
English User manual, printed.

Optionally is available battery and OWON soft bag for SmartDS serie.

3 years manufacturer warranty for oscilloscope itself.
And today we know that Owon give good customer care if warranty issues.

In Finland we offer also free warranty time repair service for first year to our customer.
(with extra price)

Probes and battery 1 year as stated Owon factory warranty terms and conditions.

 Post subject: Re: Owon SDS7102V info (V=VGA option)
PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2012 5:10 pm 
Site Admin

Joined: Wed May 16, 2012 7:54 am
Posts: 187
It have good features but of course, this is not Rolls Royce price. So, do not wait it is Rolls royce.

Littlebit about specifications:

Note: Owon trigger modes include also ALT (alternate).
In this case both channels can separate adjust trigger level.
Also with ALT mode both channels have separate trig frequency counter.

Owon have very good Video trigger. It is fast and very stable due to dedicated HW for video trig.


Sampling rates related to sampling buffer (memory)
Version 2.4 or before scan mode sampling rate is different!
Version 2.5 and later have improved scan mode samplerate!


You can easy imagine that deep memory is NOT only for "how long capture can record"
Maybe even more important is that it make possible high samplerates with low horizontal speeds. (look this test example with real video signal in other thread)

This compare to Hantek is maybe "eye-opening"

Here is compared Owon SDS7102

and Hantek DSO5062B, DSO5102B and DSO5202B (1)
HW version 1005 e8. (newest version have some improvement in memory, 400MSa/s --> 500MSa/s (2 -8ns/div))
(1) only 5202B have 2ns/div


With 500k and 1M settings Hantek screen waveform update speed is very slow if compare to Owon, even with 10+10M Owon is faster than Hantek with its 500k + 500k.


If 1M memory selected Owon update max 16 times per second and Hantek around <1.5 per second.

Note also that with slower horizontal speeds Owon do not drop samplerate if 2 channel is in use! This may be markable difference.

And remember, Hantek is still good in this price class if compare many others!

With 4k memory settings Hantek displayed waveform update speed is some amount faster due to its tiny DPO principle. In Hantek, only 4k memory is full speed.


 Post subject: Re: Owon SDS7102V info (V=VGA option)
PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:31 pm 
Site Admin

Joined: Wed May 16, 2012 7:54 am
Posts: 187
Some kind of quality report.

This applies only to those devices that we have received and / or sold.

We have now 1 year experience about this model.

End user warranty time failure rate have been extremely low and specially if take this to count: Original old version power supply is not anymore in use. Both these problems have been in old versions. In new version not yet any failure cases.

only 2 cases total after one year experience:

Case 1. (old version power supply)
Manufacturing error in power supply in early version. Oscilloscope works but problem with battery. If battery was discharged fully oscilloscope did not boot but go to endless booting loop. With charged battery or without it works normally.
Unit changed to new becouse failure finded in very early after purchase. Owon call this failed unit to factory inspection becouse this was new problem. In this case Owon give free DHL from door to door.

1. After this I include battery test to my 72h test procedure. (now I test this battery fully discharged state start up)
2. Later Owon have changed power supply design 2 times and with last version I have not meet any problem, also stand by current from battery is now reduced to half.
(after this case in my test procedure I check this and I have not meet agen this problem)

Case 2. (old version power supply)

After some time of use oscilloscope have difficult to start. (no battery) When push on oscilloscope power led go to red and it may need long long time or many turns before it can start. If it start it run normally.

After scope owner call me I send information to Owon in China and they send new power supply to me using DHL.
(Also they send extra power supply for possible future spare part use becouse DHL is more than spare part itself)

After tiny test it was clear.
Random fail, propably bad component. (Have not deep analyzed but example bad soldering I can not find.)
Power supply changed as warranty time repair.


Other cases (not end user cases)

In my own Q.C. tests after arrive and mainly all these findings before 2.6 versions.
(these cases are not from end user, they are in my tests)

5 problems in FAN.
2 times FAN was littlebit loose assembled- (it was not perfectly centered and in some case fan blade can hit hole corner specially if turn oscilloscope when it is running)

3 times very noisy fan. Fan bearings have been damaged clearly in oscilloscope production line due to loosy method of handling during assembly.

Solution in cases: I have fixed all these problems before sell in my workshop using Owon original spare parts (They send new fans one time using DHL free and one time included in oscilloscope lot)

Solution in factory:

They have clearly developed FAN handling in assembly line (if example fan drop to floor, it is waste! and not install) and when istall whole oscilloscope Z-plate to case there need care FAN from too heavy "thumb force" (it is sensitive part!) and also develop better fan QC before install and give new orders to workers for accurate FAN radial position related to Z-plate.
After these not find any problem later.

Also FAN problems was somehow borderline problems becouse it is also my critical ear and maybe I do not accept same what some other accept. But FAN is important and it need work reliable!

I have seen "baked" Tektronix oscilloscopes just becouse FAN failure.

Then there was one very bad situation.

After they develop new front end, whole construction changed.
All maybe looks good in lab tests. All looks good also then with normal tests. But there was hidden problem.

It can not find if oscilloscope was open on the test lab table.

After then in production line adjustment and test it can not find in normal procedure.

In this phase no one go back to deep tests looking if they find something they have not before seen.

There was special noise. And it was also so that if probe is connected it can not see very clearly in most cases. If input is open, also then it can not see (exept if know exactly what to find). BUT if input is shorted or terminated ecample with 50ohm it can see. This give road for "noise current" and now it can see very clearly.

Reason: New construction one metal pillar from Z-plate to main board corner go to INSIDE channel 1 front end and to very sensitive place there in GND. Becouse Z-plate collect lot of EMI inside scope, now it can pollute CH1 ground just near sensitive circuits. (noise currents get "highway" to front end)

Solution: Cut this noise current road. Metal pillar changed to nylon pillar.
From me, as far as I know, this production lot units I have not sold with noise problem. Becouse I do always noise check in my QC before sell.

But I know this problem and I have also made illutrated instruction sheet for repair this and also it is shared to Owon factory use.

Also after some recommendings factory have littlebit developed front panel label (in buttond panel area) assembling to more careful. (there was some corners "pop up" after short time use or just in stock time)
(working method better)


In total: I'm positively surpriced Owon quality and after sales care.
If course there may be random fails. This is natural in all "apparatus". From bicycle to moon rocket.
Most peoples do not talk anything if all ok, but if fail, many peoples talk in many places.

 Post subject: Re: Owon SDS7102V info (V=VGA option)
PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 3:53 pm 
Site Admin

Joined: Wed May 16, 2012 7:54 am
Posts: 187
I have extremely difficult to update this forum.
My internet connection in China is terrible slow and also I'm here some busy.

There is new FW, PC software and manual.
Please go to OWON and there "Download".

Look carefully if FW upgrades are compatible with your model and version.

If you install new PC software or upgrade software. Uninstall carefully all old versions first totally.

I'm back in normal situation after start of December 2012.


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