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IMPORTANT NOTE about emails

Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:44 am

First my apologies if someone have not get answer to email. Of course I do npot answer all jokes but now this is much more serious.

I have find old emails from my gmail trash. Also I have not seen any signs why gmail filter automatically these out.

For working ergonomy and time management reasons I have different email address for some different things and then they are redirected to one box and there arranged so I can easy see what is what. But now it looks like gmail spam filter have some very strange things how they "detect" spam post. If email go to trash can, of course it is not then delivered to this one main box what I normally follow up. Sometimes, as need, I go to these separate email boxes and then I may find (or not) that there is important email in trash can.

After time to time this situation have gone more and more bad. It is becouse world is today really full of spam mails. No one can read trash can and detect always if there with 1000 waste is one important email.

Before I find better solution:

In Siglent case please write word QSIGLENT first in email subject!
In Owon case please write word QOWON first in email subject!
In second hand surplus case write word QTMESURPLUS

It is then more easy detect these emails with eyes from gmail trash can.

It also looks like if email come directly from EEVblog (you use EEVBlog send email) with some undefined reason gmail filter system see it as spam. Same propably also from some other forums.

Finally: If you have not get any kind of answer inside 48-72hour please repeat your email directly to:


you guess how this can translate to address.

Re: IMPORTANT NOTE about emails

Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:37 pm

If you can not get answer via email, please resend your email without any web links and attachments.
Some reason my gmail spam filter is / have been too sensitive. Also I try now more freqquently look also spam folder.

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